Buying Real Estate in Fairview

Getting expert advice on what will very likely be the biggest investment of your life just makes sense....and it costs a buyer nothing.

We specialize in helping people buy homes and through our agents experience and knowledge we make sure you have all the information you need to make confidant home buying decisions. Decisions that are right for you and your personal goals, not decisions influenced by a paycheck in someone's pocket.

A few examples of how we can help:

Lemon or Leaker?

Vancouver's wet climate and construction history have led to many problematic buildings that you want to avoid. Our experience and knowledge will make sure you know before any viewing if it's a building worthy of your time and investment.

Be The Very First To Know

The second a new home that matches your specific criteria goes on the market we'll let you know ... 24-36 hours before they hit the MLS system! Not your typical Realtor MLX update but your own private PCS property search webpage. This system ensures you'll have the first opportunity to view any new property that interests you, AND know about price reductions and sales as soon as they happen.

Become A Market Expert

Receive our "Market Snapshot" reports every 2, 4, or 8 weeks so you know exactly what is happening and can make truly informed decisions . You'll know about current market trends weeks before your friends read about them in the newspapers or hear about them on TV. Not just for the Greater Vancouver area BUT more specifically in the neighbourhoods and types of home YOU are interested in. Trend details like "asking vs selling price", "average days on market", "number of homes for sale" will make sure can decide if it's the right time for you to buy or not.

All of this is provided at NO COST to you, the homebuyer. Start anytime, quit anytime, we're here to help.

The most up to date property information available

Proceeding at a comfortable pace and educating yourself beforehand is what we believe to be the smartest way to buy a home. Dean Wegman of Fairview would like to help you acheive your goal at your own speed. One of the tools that he offer's to help you throughout the process is an instant notification system that will show you new properties two days before they reach the, REW, and MLS system.

This tool can be extremey benficial as the best properties have often sold days before you'll find them yourself online. Ready to check some places out? Contact us and we will set up an appointment at your earliest convenience.

Recent Solds

Curious about how much that property next door sold for? We can update you daily on recently sold properties so you can monitor the market and calculate an average price per square foot for any type of home in Fairview. This gives you a great amount of confidence by understanding what to expect in price and what's fair value when you find something that you like.

What's Available

Generally speaking the real estate available in Fairview is under 3 stories in height. This is probably a result of the zoning regulations of the 60's that limited construction in height. However this is fast changing and you can't walk down a street in Fairview without noticing the tall apartment buildings that have recently been constructed or are in the process of being completed.

Condos often offer a vertical living experience with access on the ground floor and living on the top two floors. Many of the north facing windows will have spectacular views of the North Shore and false creek.

Dean Wegman a Realtor with Sutton Group that specializes in the area describes the real estate pricing in Fairview as follows:

To Buy: Bachelor Suite/1-Bedroom, $500,000+. 2-Bedroom, $670,000+. Larger than 2-Bedroom, $800,000+ ( *2018

Real estate in Fairview has shown solid appreciation over the last ten years but remains less expensive the Vancouver's west side. With great access to the downtown core and the city overall, Fairview will continue a great place to buy a condo and live.